Now THAT’s Water Damage: Wood Floors for Alligators

In the strange wood floor news department…

Now THAT’s Water Damage: Wood Floors for Alligators We all know that hardwood floors can be a great option for people with pets since the pet hair and the associated allergens don’t cling to the hard surface like they would to carpeting. But what about hardwood floors for pets that aren’t the cute and fuzzy kind?

For one pet owner, a house with hardwood floors turned out to be the ideal spot for his 11 pet alligators, reports The Pocono Record. John Boyko gained notoriety when The New York Times reported on his plight to try to keep his pet alligators after they were confiscated from his Connecticut home, and he has since been included in a BBC documentary called “Americans and Their Pets.” In 2005 he bought the Prince Township, Pa., house specifically to house the alligators—Pennsylvania doesn’t require a permit to keep the reptiles—and visits them once a week to feed them, the Record reports.

“Inside, all the carpeting has been ripped out, leaving bare hardwood floors. Instead of a sofa there are several large, black plastic ‘ponds’ for the alligators to soak in,” reports the Record. Click on the Record’s slideshow within the article for some images of the alligators and their wood floors that will make any wood flooring professional cringe.

Reprinted from The Pocono Record