Spotted Gum

Scientific Name:

Eucalyptus maculata

Other Names and Species:

Spotted iron gum
Lemon-scented gum




The heartwood of spotted gum ranges from a lighter brown to deep red-brown, while the sapwood is generally white. The texture of spotted gum is somewhat greasy to the touch. The species has an interlocked & wavy grain and possesses a fairly coarse texture.


Spotted gum has a high natural resistance to decay. The wood remains smooth under friction and is reported to a slight citrus-like odor. Spotted gum dries fairly easily.

Janka Hardness: 2473

Spotted gum is a very hard wood flooring species. It is over ninety-one percent harder than red oak, over seventy percent harder than hard maple, slightly over thirty-five percent harder than hickory or pecan, nearly thirty percent harder than jarrah, and just over twelve percent harder than santos mahogany’s ranking of 2200.


Spotted gum works rather easily with both hand and power tools, in part due to the greasy nature of the wood’s surface. This species accepts both nails and glue well. It takes stain, paint, and polishing readily and produces a very attractive finish.

Principal Uses:

Spotted gum’s uses include flooring, construction, poles, furniture, and tool handles.