Angelim Pedra

Scientific Name:

Hymenolobium petraeum

Other Names and Species:

Angelim da Terra
Angelim da Mata
Sapupira Amarela




The heartwood is a light yellowish brown, while the sapwood is a pale brown. The grain of this wood is crisscross, and the texture is coarse and uneven.


Angelim pedra is a medium-density wood, with a low moisture content. Since the timber is heavy and very hard, the shrinkage is slight. The wood has no distinctive odor. The heartwood of angelim pedra is very durable and resistant to both fungi and termites. It dries very rapidly in a kiln, with a slight tendency for medium twisting and springing.

Janka Hardness: 3040

Angelim pedra is a extremely hard wood flooring option. It is over one hundred and thirty-five percent harder than red oak, one hundred and nine percent harder than hard maple, fifty-eight percent harder than jarrah, roughly thirty-eight percent harder than santos mahogany, and just over twenty-nine percent harder than Brazilian cherry’s ranking of 2350.


Angelim pedra is easy to work, with good machining and sanding qualities.

Principal Uses:

Flooring, stairs, doors, windows, marine construction, decking, and furniture.