American Hardwood Floors are Sustainable Resource

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (June 15, 2011) – From flooring and cabinetry to moulding and furniture, American hardwoods have been treasured for generations, and for good reason. They offer warmth, durability, luxury, and design options that are unmatched by faux-wood products.

Recently, however, an abundance of green product labels and misinformation has led to confusion in the marketplace, and has everyone asking, “Are American hardwoods really a sustainable resource?” The American Hardwood Information Center,, wants you to know that the answer is yes!

Hardwood forests naturally regenerate themselves and do not need to be replanted like softwood forests. For this reason, their harvesting methods differ. The preferred method of harvesting hardwoods is single-tree selection. A professional forester evaluates a forest and determines which trees are ready to harvest. This responsible forest management practice not only provides a sustaining supply of hardwood, but it also ensures the overall health of a thriving forest – including water quality, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities – and has allowed the volume of our hardwood forests to more than double since the 1950s.

Wood also is a carbon neutral material. Healthy forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and release oxygen. The carbon is then stored in the wood for the life of the tree and the products made from it.

Advanced technology also ensures minimal wood is wasted during the manufacturing process. Every part of the tree is used. For example, tree bark becomes mulch, sawdust becomes animal bedding or fuel for boilers to operate dry kilns, and trimmings become paper. No other material can compare.

It’s clear. There really is no better or natural choice for green building and healthy home environments than American hardwoods. Learn more by visiting

The National Wood Flooring Association is a non-profit trade organization of more than 3,000 wood flooring professionals working worldwide to educate consumers, architects, designers, and builders in the uses and benefits of wood flooring. The NWFA can be contacted at 111 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd., Chesterfield, MO 63005, or at 800-422-4556 (USA & Canada).

Reprinted from NWFA