The Wall Street Journal Talks Floor Mops

Wood flooring consumers are perpetually confused about wood floor maintenance, and there are so many different products available these days that even The Wall Street Journal is writing about them.

The new outlet explains how Procter & Gamble’s Swiffer mop pioneered the light and easy-to-work-with floor mop segment years ago, and that today the market is even more crowded.

The article also discusses the Motion and Curve mops from Bona US (Aurora, Colo.). One of Bona’s strategies in selling the mops is to get the products in the hands of “flooring contractors who can recommend and sell an ‘aftercare kit’ to consumers to maintain their floors,” the Journal’s Anne Marie Chaker wrote. “The company is betting many consumers care more about their hardwood floors than other flooring in the house, and are willing to devote an extra cleaning implement to them.”

Rubbermaid’s Reveal spray mop, like Bona’s mops, uses a washable microfiber pad, which contrasts with the Swiffer, which uses disposable pads that cost about $7.50 for a 12-count box. What’s more, the Reveal uses a re-fillable reservoir that lets consumers change the cleansing product they apply to their floors.

Libman Co. is taking a slightly different tack in offering the Freedom mop, which is designed for use between consumers’ deep cleanings. Like the Reveal, the Freedom offers consumers a choice of cleansers and uses a washable pad.

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