Dane Makes Marvelous ‘Marbelous’ Wood Flooring Art

Turns out, wood flooring is not just for walking. It can also be art. Just look at Marbelous Wood from Denmark’s Pernille Snedker Hansen. To achieve this look, Hansen first drips earth-tone and neon inks into water, and then she dips a piece of pine into the water, which picks up the ink; it’s similar to a paper-marbling technique from eastern Asia called suminagashi. Next, the boards are sealed with a UV coating, and after installation Hansen recommends sealing the floor with a waterbased finish. Each piece of Marbelous Wood, which is part of the Danish Crafts Collection 15 at www.craftscollection.dk, is custom-made by hand. For Hansen, it’s an organic experience every time she makes her drips and dips a board in the water: “It feels more like a dialog with the materials instead of [having] full control,” she says.

Reprinted from http://hardwoodfloorsmag.com