Scientific Name:

Eucalyptus resinifera

Other Names and Species:

Australian Red Mahogany
Kino Gum Eucalyptus




The heartwood of red mahogany is dark red, while the sapwood is creamy in color. The species has an interlocked grain with a somewhat rippled appearance. The texture of red mahogany is open and coarse.


Red mahogany has a natural resistance to termite attack. The wood is reported to have no odor. Red mahogany takes some time to dry thoroghly, but with very little imperfections being caused in the process.

Janka Hardness: 2697

Red mahogany is a very hard wood flooring species. It is just over one hundred and nine percent harder than red oak, eighty-six percent harder than hard maple, slightly over forty-eight percent harder than hickory or pecan, nearly forty-one percent harder than jarrah, and just over twenty-two percent harder than santos mahogany’s ranking of 2200.


Red mahogany works rather easily with both hand and power tools, despite its extremely hard nature. This species holds well with both nails and staples. It takes stain and paint well, and produces a very attractive finish.

Principal Uses:

Red mahogany’s uses include flooring, heavy construction, plywood, furniture, and shipbuilding.