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Why Bamboo

Bamboo flooring – Environmentally friendly…without sacrificing style

Documented for its unparalleled strength and use in practical applications for centuries, Bamboo is truly a wonder of nature. From seedling to full maturity, Bamboo requires just 5 short years to cultivate before it can be harvested and transformed into a multitude of useful products.

Today, one of those products is flooring, and it’s rapidly becoming the choice of millions around the world; not only because of its status as the ultimate environmentally friendly and green product, but also because it’s being transformed into exceptionally stylish ones too.

With recent advancements in technology & design, what consisted of very limited choices for Bamboo flooring just a decade ago has recently evolved into spectrum of product making Bamboo flooring amongst the hottest selling flooring options on the market today.

Now, a plethora of timeless styles and color options in Bamboo flooring awaits consumers that want to find a touch of class that suits their style, and of course one that makes a statement that belongs all to them! What will it be? I care about the world! I’ve got class! I love nature! This is my favorite natural texture! It could be any one of these, or all of them, and more. What’s yours?

Are you ready to make your statement?

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